Making Learning Better

Most things can be done in more than one way. Some ways will work better, some will be easy in the short term but work badly in the long term. This site aims to suggest simple ways to make learning more effective. It’s not just for the able, or those who struggle. It’s for any secondary student who wants to find a better way to do things.

The links above take you to the main stages of learning, so you can click on the aspect you want to focus on. They’re also categories of post, so use the links on the left for recent additions and resources. Some of these are ideas, some are printable – usually pdfs that you can write on. The hope is that you can apply the ideas quickly and easily, but there is a catch. You have to want to.

The first stage is teacher knowledge – yes, they do know stuff. In lessons you’ll use a mixture of activities, depending on the subject, which are intended to help you learn. Thinking through the ideas or doing homework is a way to review material, helping you to transfer it from short-term to long-term memory. You finish this process off when you revise, usually in the lead-up to exams – which need techniques as well as recall. Hopefully you’ll find that what you’ve learned is also relevant in real life, sooner or later.


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