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“Let me explain. No; there is too much. Let me sum up.”

Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

I’m a teacher who gets really frustrated that those kids who want to learn don’t always have the opportunity. There are lots of reasons. For me (like all teachers) the most heartbreaking are those who could learn, but can’t be bothered. This site isn’t for them.

Instead it’s for the quiet kids who just need a few tips. It’s easy for us to neglect them, sometimes because they don’t ask us for the help they need. Some students are so good at feigning understanding that we don’t realise, until it’s too late. I’ve lost count of the number of parents who have asked what they can do to help their children learn. And of the number of times I’ve explained – as part of a lesson, in resources handed out, in displays and examples – how it’s really not that hard to learn. Kids don’t always lack motivation; sometimes they just lack the skills, the tools.

So this is a toolkit. It’s based on techniques I’ve used in school, things I’ve read about, things I wish I’d used myself. It’s aimed at students, not teachers or parents – although I’d love for it to be shared. I’m adding Creative Commons Licenses to all the resources, and consider that to apply to the pages and posts too. If you’re a student and something works for you, please consider passing it on to friends, family members or teachers. If you’re a teacher, please share it widely and let me know about improvements, suggestions or corrections.

ETA for the site: March 2012


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