Improving Homework

Perhaps it seems unfair that teachers judge students based on the quality of their homework. In theory, it’s useful because it gives a double snapshot, of both understanding and effort. From a student’s point of view, homework is a way for teachers to make them feel miserable at home as well as in lessons. This, however, is missing the point.

Homework is about learning. The idea of carefully set homework is to allow students to review what they’ve covered in the lesson, practise techniques or prepare for something that’s coming up. Along the way, some tasks will encourage the acquisition and use of skills like research, summary and planning. Teachers get an idea of what you understand, and how to help you with the bits you don’t.

So if you think of homework as half diagnosis and trouble-shooting, half early exam preparation, maybe it’s easier to see the point. If so, perhaps you’re ready to think about how to improve it…

Image and link to Improving HW checklist

For any subject, you’ll have weak areas. Some of those will be things that affect all subjects, like handwriting or spelling, or problems with maths. Just as your teacher will offer comments and suggestions for improvements on your work, you need to be able to spot what’s not so good and fix it yourself. The whole point of school is to get to the point where you can do just as well without the teacher. By using the checklist above (linked from the image) regularly you’ll learn what your common mistakes are and start to avoid them.


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