As the title suggests, this site is intended to be a toolkit for students. It’s got advice, suggestions, shortcuts and resources. Want some revision tips? They’re here. Want to know how to get more out of lessons? Here too. Looking for some pointers about getting better results in exams? Well, you get the idea.

Most of the things here won’t take a lot of time. Some of them are checklists or writing frames to get you thinking in constructive ways. Probably you already know some of it. Probably there’s parts you won’t care about. That doesn’t matter. If you’re in the UK and under 16, the chances are you’re stuck in school. Using a few of these posts might make learning a bit easier, or make your marks a little higher. And that will give you more choices in the future.

Disclosure: It’s written by a teacher. Probably not your teacher, but a UK classroom teacher who uses and teaches these ideas to students. The idea is to give hints and tips, quick things you can try or change to achieve more. Maybe you don’t like asking for help in school. Maybe you don’t want your friends to see you wanting to improve. Maybe your teacher’s scary, or busy with students more interested in disrupting lessons than learning. All this site offers is the chance for you to do better, if you’re prepared to try new things.

If you’re a student and something works for you, please comment on the post. Maybe consider passing it on to friends, family members or teachers. If something helped you, it might help others too. If you think you can do better, please get in touch – it would be great to have students’ own contributions on the blog.

You can email via or there are other ways to get in touch here.

How It Works

The main pages (links below the title) won’t change much. All they do is introduce the steps in learning; there won’t be much detail about practical tips. For those, you’ll need to check out the posts. These will be weekly, more or less. Look through recent ones on the Blog page, or choose a category on the left. If you’re after something more specific, try the search bar.

Why I Do It

I do this in my free time, not for profit. Blogging has brought me some freelance writing, but all my material is free to the user, without adverts as such. Feedback is my payment of choice, but if you’re ordering through Amazon I get a small percentage (at no extra cost to you) if you go there through the link at the bottom of each page.


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